Historical Villas of Lucca

Your trip to Italy will remain incomplete without visiting "Le Ville Lucchesi" (Historical Villas of Lucca) Italy is one of the beautiful places in the world to visit. If you want to see wonderful buildings of Renaissance era, then must not forget to visit Lucca, a Tuscan town. You will get enthralled by seeing the historic villas in Lucca. The scenic beauty in Lucca is outstanding. As you plan your tour itinerary, you must not forget to include in your schedule to visit Ville Lucchesi ...

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Aqueduct Nottolini

Best nature walks that you will experience ever If you want to walk in the midst of nature, then this is the place. It is a charming place that is very close to the town and is a great reminder of the past along with the surrounding natural beauty. Water runs over the pavement of stone in the Rio San Quirico in the enclosed woods. The architect of the place was Lorenzo Nottolini that was commissioned in 1823 by Duchess Maria Luisa of Bourbon. The nicely laid out nature path is wel ...

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Alpi Apuane

Explore the enchanting varied mountains of Alpi Apuane The Alpi Apuane is different in all aspects as compared to the lovely Apennines for the morphology and the deep valleys and, of course, the steep slopes. The Apuane are popular for their unique creations and the marble formations along with the deep abysses and cavities that are characterized by karst. The different kind of atmosphere here and the exposure to the different seasons have made it a unique part of the country where exists ...

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Croce di Brancoli

In 1594, there was a signal tower where now there is the huge monumental of Croce di Brancoli. The tower stood at 600meters from Serchio and was 11 km away from Lucca. In the 18th century, it was damaged by lightning and also the bad weather. The remains were destroyed in 1900. Later there was the cross built with a height of 18.40 meters and stone pedestal engraved on it. It was built of stone. The construction was completed in 1958. The Corce di Brancoli The cross o ...

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Orrido di Botri

The amazing gorge of Orrido di Botri Orrido di Botri is a famous calcareous gorge that comprises of deep, steep walls that run as high as 200 meters. They look like the karstic canyon and make for a wonder view of the narrow valley that has been naturally created due to the eroding of the Pelago creek on limestone rock of the Apennines. The creek is a beautiful one with rock walls that are a rare and scenic beauty created naturally. This beautiful canyon is a beautiful mystery and i ...

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Parco Fluviale del Serchio

Enjoy the peaceful walk in the river park If you are tired of checking out the monuments and the villas in Lucca, you should have a break and opt for hiking or walking in the River Park Serchio which is a great gathering spice in the greens and a nice place where you can enjoy the nature, exercise, have a relaxing time and just enjoy the surroundings all by yourself. The council in 1999 had the aim to recover the river as well as banks and restore the original look and that is why ther ...

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Grotta del Vento

When on a visit to Lucca, you should never miss the Grotta del Vento in the Garfagnana and in the center of Apuan Alps Park. The area is spectacular with interesting natural growth and karst phenomena. The land is rich in natural resources and is surrounded by forest and mountains. The caves are the hidden treasure with are underneath the Pania Secca. The caves were explored in 1932 by a group of speleologists who explored about 70 meters. There are long tunnels here that have been explored an ...

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The Versilia lies to the north west of Lucca and is named after the River Versilia. The place is known for the rich and the famous and is a very fashionable Riviera resort that comprises of various clubs that are visited often visited by world famous celebrities. Versilia is a zone where you can have fun and also experience something very unique and gratifying. The place runs past the Apuan Alps slopes and Park of San Rossore and is very popular for its beaches. It lies between Forte Dei Marm ...

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Rifugio Rossi (Alpi Apuane)

The "Rifugio Rossi* or the Refuge Enrico Rossi Mountain is located at 1600 meters in the Apuan Alps in the park and the heart of Massif of the Pania between Pania Secca and Pania of the cross. This is a great place that provides solitude, the panoramic view of the range of mountains here, and you can indulge in various adventure sports and activities like hiking trails, walking and exploring. The area is a mountainous region that truly helps to experience nature in its rough an ...

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Historical City Center

Lucca is the city from the medieval times and is a charming little town has still retained its beauty and holds the various structures that have stood the test of time since the roman rule. Since the 12th century onwards the city has witnessed various changes and great times with riches and glory as well. Today it is known as a historical center and is well preserved today as we see thousands of visitors who come to the city to admire the beauty of the villas, churches, streets, the natura ...

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Shopping in Lucca

Lucca is a city from the medieval ages, and it has still retained its old world charm and the structures that are still intact even from the 8th centuries. The narrow streets and the ancient houses truly make for a unique setting in a modern world. The whole world is amazed at what Lucca has to offer to the tourists who visit here. Apart from the natural landscape and the historical monuments found here, one simply cannot miss shopping in Lucca. Main shopping center Lucca's mai ...

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Lucca: to and from Florence Airport (FLR)

Tourists from foreign countries often prefer to visit Lucca by plane as air travel is convenient and quick. Also, the airports are quite close to the city. There are two airports in Tuscany: one is the Galileo Galilei in Pisa and the other is the Amerigo Vespucci in Florence and both are international airports. Florence Airport is the second airport in Tuscany and it is a large international airport and serves very well to all the visitors of the world. The airport is now a modernized one ...

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Lucca: to and from Pisa Airport (PSA)

Lucca is a great tourist destination and people from all over the world come to Lucca to visit world renowned monuments and heritage places that are truly very beautiful and created in the medieval ages. To make it easier for the tourist to arrive and depart from Lucca, various modes of transport are made available so that transport is hassle free and visitors can enjoy Lucca without any problem. Pisa International Airport also named Galileo Galilei Airport is located in Pisa and is the mai ...

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How to get to Lucca by Train

Lucca is a very small town with around 85,000 inhabitants. This ancient city is very important from the point of view of the tourist, and, therefore, the authorities have taken care as to make transport easily available and comfortable for the tourists. The town has narrow streets and lanes, and that is why most of the tourists love to explore the city on foot as the monuments and the squares that are historically important and centuries old. The insides of the town are closed to traffic an ...

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