Puccini Museum - Casa Natale Giacomo Puccini

Lucca boasts of a precious possession which is the Puccini Museum - "Casa Natale Giacomo Puccini". It is the birthplace of Giacomo Puccini and is today a grand museum that was created in 1979 and opened to the public in 2011. Various restoration works took place in the building so that it was ready with the appropriate objects and the public loved it. Today the building has more or less its original look and is appreciated as well. The museum is based in an apartment on the secon ...

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Lucca Center of Contemporary Art

The Lucca Center of Contemporary Art is a new addition to the city's architectural and cultural significance. The exhibits are incredible that feature various kinds of art and artwork done in a modern way. It is a nice change to see this contemporary art that contrasts with the medieval and the Renaissance art that is present in the town. The art is exhibited on the five floors inside a 16th century Palazzo Boccella (the Palace Boccella). It is in the proximity of the famous Amphitheatr ...

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Museo dell'emigrazione Italiana

The "Museo dell'Emigrazione Italiana" or the Museum Paolo Cresci for history of Italian is located at the Palazzo Ducale in Lucca in the chapel of St. Mary of Mercy and in the rooms that are adjacent to it. The church is built in Roman building and is first mentioned in a document of 1131. The museum is named after the photographer Florentine Paolo Cresci. The museum is important one in Lucca and comprises of various documents that are related to the Italian letters, history, documents ...

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Museo della Tortura

Museo della Tortura or Museum of Torture is an interesting place, and visitors need to have a plenty of time on hand to visit this place. One simply cannot miss it as it is one of the unique museums that will surprise you after checking the articles that are kept inside. Kept inside the museum are the tools of torture that were used in the ancient times as capital punishment. This museum has a great display of various kinds of weapons, machinery, devices and tools that were used fo ...

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Mint of Lucca "Museo della zecca"

The existence of the Mint of Lucca or today’s "Museo della Zecca" has been since the 7th century and during that time, it was used to mint the first coins that were issued under the domination of the Lombards. The coins were in gold with the name of the city printed on it. Charlemagne has the right to issue the Carolingian money, which is a type of European currency. The museum is located in the Barracks of San Donato in the walls of the city of Lucca. There is also a librar ...

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Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi

Lucca is a visitor’s paradise and tourist from all over the world come here for refreshing themselves with the marvelous monuments, food, culture, museums, churches and more. Lucca is known for the ancient monuments and the preserving of the villas and medieval palaces. The Museo Nazionale brings out the impressive and a vast collection of artifacts in the well maintained medieval Villa Guinigi. The villa itself is remarkable and very impressive. You are going to have a great time looking a ...

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Museo e Pinacoteca Nazionale di Palazzo Mansi

One of the most luxurious places in Lucca has been turned into Museum and National Gallery of Palazzo Mansi that was built at the end of 500. The villa is magnificent that has plenty of rooms with different kinds of artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and other items of interest. Many of the rooms still have the furniture of those times. One of them is the Bridal chamber that is done in Baroque style. Most of the original furniture was lost and sold at fairs in different centuries. The first floo ...

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