Farro Soup (Zuppa di Farro)

Zuppa di Farro is a special dish that comes in the form of soup and is rich in taste. It is very versatile as just like pasta, it absorbs any flavor you add to it and gives a unique taste. The dish is especially eaten during the winter season as it warms up the body up to bones. As the name suggests, it is Zuppa di farro or farro soup, but farro is a relative of wheat but not wheatberry, and also it is not spelt or barley. The best taste comes out with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil s ...

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Buccellato is a traditional dish that is prepared in Lucca in all the homes. A buccellato is a circular sweet cake that is carried out from generations in Lucca and even other parts. The cake is supposed to be as large as a cart wheel and comes in a round ring shape. Today we find different shapes given to it to make it more attractive. The cake is dark brown in color and sweet with a gloss that is obtained from eggs and sugar coated to it. The exterior is a crust while the inside is sof ...

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Tordelli Lucchesi

Where ever you go in Italy, you are bound to find tordelli that is a specialty here. Not just the restaurants, but also in the homes, you are going to find tordelli. Every home and every area, however, comes with its own recipe, and you can find delicious recipes in every different variety of tordelli. Tordelli is a traditional dish that the prepare and relish since ancient times. Tourists love to have a taste of tordelli wherever they go as it provides a satisfying feeling and becomes ...

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Torte coi Becchi

Torte coi Becchi or the cake with beaks is a vegetable dish from Lucca. It is a typical favorite dish of the locals and visitors enjoy the distinct flavor that the dish comes out with. The edges come with a design that resemble the beaks and hence the name. Lucca is famous for various dishes that belong to the city only, and one of them is Torte coi Becchi. It is made with chocolate and rice, and although it looks like a pie, it is not one. However, it exists in various versions like th ...

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